Where there is a vision, there is hope.


Q. When will The Cottages be complete?                                                                                 

A. Target opening date is February 2021.

Q. How many Cottages are being built and how big are they?

A. 46 total.

20 one bedroom approximately 600 sq. ft.                                                                              

20 one bedroom approximately 720 sq. ft.                                                                                

6 two bedroom approximately 980 sq. ft.                                                                                 

And, 1 three bedroom approximately 1260 sq. ft. for our site manager and maintenance.

Q. Is there a current list of potential residents – seniors who have expressed 

a strong interest in the Cottages?                                                                                      

A. Yes, there are currently 36 Bandera county residents on the list of potential 

residents. We will begin accepting formal applications in September 2020.

Q. Are the Cottages for sale or rent?                                                                                             

A. Rent

Q. How much is the rent?                                                                                                       

A. The market rent for Bandera County is $1.10 per sq. ft.                                                        

That would make the smallest house $660.00 at market rates.                                                     

However, rent will go down from there depending on income.

Q. Are utilities included?                                                                                                           

A. Water, sewer, and garbage are included.

Q. Will the Cottages be furnished?                                                            

A. No.  All Cottages will include washer, dryer, stove, oven, and refrigerator.

Q. Are the Cottages going to be at ground level with no steps and ADA compliant?

 A. Yes.   All Cottages will be level with sidewalks and porches. No steps.

The Cottages will all be ADA compliant and more.

Q. Are you looking for grants?                                                                                                  

A. Yes. The total project cost is $4,800,000.00. We anticipate $800,000.00 from local 

fundraising activity and $4,000,000.00 from grant resources.

Q. Is this government housing.                                                                                                  

A. No.  This project is solely owned by The Silver Sage, a 501c3 nonprofit and we 

are not accepting any government funding.

Q. How are residents going to be selected? What is the criteria?                                                 

A. The applications will be scored by our Residents Committee consisting of staff 

and board members considering a variety of criteria.

55 and older. Must be able to live independently.

Bandera County resident.  Transportation and much more.

Q. Are pets allowed?                                                                                                               

A. Yes. We are still evaluating criteria for pets.