Volunteer Opportunities

 As a non-profit organization, the Silver Sage relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish its mission. There are numerous ways you can help. Opportunities are available for you to work just a couple of hours, once a week, or more frequently.  Pictured to the right is our dear volunteer Barbara who has been helping the Silver Sage for over 16 years!!

Our greatest need is for drivers and driver assistants ("jumpers" because they jump out to take the meals to the clients) to help with the Meals On Wheels program.  If you have about 2 hours one or two times a week (or even once or twice a month) to help those who might not be able to be on their own without our help, please consider becoming a Meals on Wheels driver or driver assistant.  You will travel several times with experienced drivers until you feel comfortable doing it on your own.  We deliver meals Monday through Friday. We've divided Bandera County into 11 different delivery routes. The Silver Sage owns the vehicles which are used in the deliveries and gas is also purchased by the Center.  A lunch is provided for drivers after their routes. Allow an hour or two to complete your route. What a special feeling it is knowing that you have made such a difference in someone's life!  You also get a chance to visit with some of the most marvelous people who get the meals.

Volunteer Application Form
*If you don't want to drive a MOW car, you could volunteer to be a driver's assistant.  The driver's assistant gets the meals ready for delivery and takes the meal to the recipient.  These people are just as important as the drivers*

 Our Thrift Store on Highway 16 in Bandera relies entirely on volunteers. Store hours are 10 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday. However, if we do not have a volunteer on a given day, the store remains closed, so your service is very valuable to us. Proceeds from the Thrift Store go directly to our Meals On Wheels program.