Silver Sage is located on the corner of Buck Creek Drive and Bandera Boulevard near the Bandera High School.  Coming into the office area from the parking lot, you are shaded by a handsome canopy that gives shade and protection from the elements.  The dining room is tastefully decorated in light, neutral colors to give the diners a peaceful, relaxing meal time.  Meals are served at 11:30 am until 12:30 pm.  Each meal comes with a choice of milk, tea, or coffee.  The lobby of the Great Room is nicely furnished and restful.  The "Great Room" is multi-purpose.  During the week, it is the site of exercises classes and yoga.  On the first Tuesday of each month, The Cowboy Capital Opry rocks this room with incredible music!  

The Silver Sage courtyard garden is incredible!  Art Crawford, Executive Director of Operations, designed the courtyard garden and his talent shows in the beauty of the garden.  It is great surprise to walk through the doors and find yourself surrounded by such vibrant colors and delicious smells.  Not only does the garden contain lovely flowering plants but it also includes herbs and sometimes even vegetables.  The beauty of the garden lends itself to weddings, photo shoots, and just enjoying cooler weather with a good book in one of the seating areas.  There is a bench at the arch which makes a great place to just sit, relax, let your mind.